About Us


The Era of Technology

Mr. Muhammad Ismail started working with team of artisans for production of dental and surgical instruments to supply in different countries. With the passage of time his experience grown and become a skilled individual and further organize a team of selected artisans and worked hard for the enrichment & expansion of the business with due enthusiasm. A target had been set by him to achieve a reputation in the international market to accomplish his ideas, with a hope that the next generation may grow further and could be able to introduce the skill and quality of the products.

Steps Towards Success

Mr. Muhammad Saleem joined with his father and successfully expanded the export market to Russian states.

Mr. Muhammad Saleem registered the company with Title “AGILE Industries” and became the Chairman of the Company and made extensive tours to Russian Estates and European Markets and established personal contacts with the buyers and enhanced sales volume. He set-up the new avenues for export. AGILE Industries is the pioneer in achieving the certification of ISO as a manufacturer and exporter of Surgical & Dental Instruments in Pakistan. AGILE Industries also attained CE Marking, which provides that the products manufactured are complying with EU directives.